Branding Chocolate – Healthy Positioning Doesn’t Work

A few weeks ago I described the packaging and positioning of Hersey’s Dark Chocolate line. A few people commented that it doesn’t match… Now an update:

Healthy chocolate positioning didn’t work for Hershey’s. A recent Brandweek article cites:

For the past two years, Hershey has positioned its dark chocolate products as healthy treats by emphasizing their cacao content.

The result has been punishing: Hershey’s second quarter profit plunged 96%. While that was at least partially the result of higher dairy costs, analysts blamed the marketing of Hershey’s dark chocolates.

Lesson learned: better stick with the indulgence positioning, right? What other products can take a lesson from this?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

2 thoughts on “Branding Chocolate – Healthy Positioning Doesn’t Work”

  1. Yeah, the problem is that if I’m eating dark chocolate, I want it to taste good. Healthiness and taste/mouth feel are generally inversely proportional.

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