Easy, Fast and F*R*E*E Web2.0 Marketing Tools for Your Business

by Chris Brown on Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The last few weeks it just seems like new tools and applications are appearing everywhere.  In general, I like the tried-and-true aps, but I thought I’d compile a list of a few that I like here that may be helpful. I think entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations alike will appreciate these great marketing tools — especially if they are trying to move beyond a static website as their main marketing tool on the internet.

  1. Here’s a very easy way to sell your ebook at YouPublish.com, where you keep 50% of the proceeds.  You’ll want to make your book into a pdf to distribute it.  Works for distributing video, podcasts, as well as books.
  2. Looking for a way to record your podcast?  Have you tried SKYPE recorder at skype.com?  What about BlogTalkRadio.com?  How about utterz.com (updated 5/27/2011 no longer active link) - great for INSTANT podcasts.  With both blogtalk and utterz you use your phone.  With skype, you’ll probably need a microphone unless your computer has one built in.
  3. Want to hold a webinar?  Try the free 30 day trial of gotomeeting.com where you send out an email with instructions to your audience how to log into see your computer screen.  Then you can take them through powerpoints, word documents, websites, whatever. It’s $50 a month after the first 30 days.  Great for longer distance clients too — With the price of gas these days, it would pay for itself with the price of one long distance meeting a month!
  4. Send an online email newsletter with Constant Contact (I keep calling it by the tea name, forgive me if I slip up!)  Easy-to-use templates and easy-to-use email sign-up form code to paste in your website or blog.  Again its only the first 30 days that are free, but only $15 a month afterwards.Hey, while you’re here — take a minute to sign up for my e-newsletter!  The form is in the upper righthand corner under my photo.  Those who read thru the feedreader, click through into Branding & Marketing to enter your email address.  I promise I’ll send out an e-newsletter soon!

Let me know which ones you like and which other ones I may have missed.  I just found out this morning about YouPublish (thanks Vicki!) and haven’t used it yet, but have used the others.  Each one has a minor learning curve. 

Your thoughts?

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