Trade Show Help: The Marketing Checklist You’ll Need Before You Go

Trade Shows Help Establish your Business in the Industry

Trade shows help companies get noticed. When you exhibit your company’s products and services at the annual trade show for your industry, you don’t want to forget anything! Trade shows are filled with details.

Trade shows are a golden opportunity to make an impression on your target market. With experience and preparation, you can make a GREAT impression.

Trade Show Help

An added bonus in this ebook, you can download and print this PDF that includes a handy checklist for Marketing your Business at a Trade Show to help make your experience cost effective and relatively stress free.

After 14 years of Toy Fair trade shows and helping clients at the 7 or 8 years of the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association trade show, the hardware show, the RVIA show, and other shows, I have had my share of “war stories,” My best advice: prepare and plan. It’s the best way to save money and have a good show that drives business.

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