Marketing Your Company’s 25 Year Anniversary

Is your company celebrating a 10 year, 25 year or even a 75 year anniversary? How are you marking and marketing your company’s celebration?

I think that as long as you’re spending the marketing budget to celebrate, why not consider some additional benefits of marketing the anniversary with some memorable, clever ideas to catch the attention of a prospective customer or client?Here’s a few idea starters:

1) Flyer: Create a tip sheet with ideas for your target market to help them in whatever business you are in. If you’re a doctor, how about 25 tips for staying healthy? If you’re a realtor how about 10 tips for improving your curb appeal for potential home sellers? If your business is a greenhouse, how about 50 plants for shade and sun? Make the number of tips match the number of your anniversary.

2) Tell Everyone! Distribute the tip sheets to the local newspaper, post them on your web site, post them in the article banks, send it to your chamber of commerce, even your industry association.

3) Great Headline: Call it “25 Tips for (Target Market) to Improve Your (Product/Service).”

Something like this: “25 Tips for Home Sellers to Improve Their Curb Appeal.” for a realtor. Of course it would vary by your business.

In the first blank, list your best target market. Maybe seniors, teenagers, or homeowners. Fill in the second blank with your product or service.

In the above examples, it might be health (if you’re a personal trainer), driving record (if you teach drivers training), or yard (if you’re in the landscaping business.)

If it’s your 100th anniversary, it might be tough to come up with 100 tips, but maybe not as hard as you think. (Did you try it?! Ask other people in the office for their ideas!!)

4) News Service: Take advantage of the regional news services of PRNewsWire, BusinessWire, PRWeb or E-Mediawire. It’s not very expensive if you just pay for distribution in your region rather than national.

5) Make a Book: Create a corporate history book to honor the founders of your company. Give one to each employee. Provide some to the local libraries, historians, universities and your industry association. If it seems like a daunting task, contact one of the companies who create company histories. (My friend Barb Cagley runs a business called Stories Worth Retelling and they are experts at gathering information in story form and creating books or videos from all the sources into one wonderful keepsake.) They can help you with gathering photos, interviewing, writing, and making it all come together for a real keepsake.

6) Brand with a Logo: Have a graphic designer create a special logo for your company that plays off the 25 years in business. Use it all year long on things that are “temporary”… stationery, Website home page, etc. Reinforce your branding and positioning with a statement in the new logo too. “On Time Delivery for 25 Years” “Keeping Homes Safe for Over 25 Years.”

7) Use Advertising Specialties: Get golf shirts with the anniversary logo. Padfolios. Pens. Custom label wine bottles. Give them to each client, potential client and employee.

8) Open House: Invite key vendors, customers, and business friends to celebrate with the employees at an open house at your office, factory or store. Bring in snack food. Run a PowerPoint slide show of photos at every stage on each computer.

Updated 8/22/2013: Check out how one company decorated their sign for their open house!

9) Quiz: Create a Trivia quiz with questions from the year the business was founded. Give out prizes (maybe customers only?!) for the people who get them right.

10) Golf Outing: Organize a golf outing and give all the money to a charity that fits with your company’s mission.

What other ideas do people have? I know that there are other companies who have had some great ideas for celebrating an anniversary. Please, share your ideas for commemorating a company’s anniversary if it’s 10 years, 20 years or 50 years or 100… What worked? What didn’t?

Anyone know the colors and traditional gifts for each year? I think I’ve heard of that before but I don’t know it by heart.

ADDED July 10, 2008:
My company, Marketing Resources & Results, celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year. Check out how we brainstormed ideas for our party, blog posts and press release.