How do You Measure the Performance of Your Marketing Effort?

Marketing, without measurement, can be just another expense. With measurement however, it can become one of your best investments. If you don’t know how effective your best gmb rank and rent course was for you or how well your Google Ads are doing then there’s no way to know if you got your return on investment or not. You might be throwing money away or you might be getting more impressions than ever before; you just won’t know.

How do you measure your marketing? Do you use KPIs – Key Performance Indicators – to help you measure results of tactics, strategy and sales? Perhaps you can check your Google ranking based on that link building strategy you chose to read more about and implement?

For example:

  • Just publishing a newsletter (tactic) is important. If you don’t execute your marketing, you don’t even get into the funnel.
  • But making sure you distribute the newsletter to the exact people you need to influence and include the correct call to action (strategy) is very important.
  • And then measuring who actually took the steps you set up to add customers (sales) can help you tweek the content or the list or the offer to help you improve your sales numbers, whether that be by performance-based sales outsourcing or by looking into other means available to you.

Beyond measuring visitor site traffic and taking a page speed optimization course to improve the site load times, you might be measuring a variety of indicators year-over-year, including:
The total number of…

  • fans/members
  • positive customer mentions
  • mentions
  • page views
  • contributors
  • back links

Or increased…

  • Conversion
  • Revenue
  • Average order value

And decreased…

  • Returns
  • Call volume
  • Postage costs

I find that looking at the KPIs in a flow chart like this one from E commerce KPI’s from Smart Insights can be helpful:

What KPIs do you regularly track? Do you monitor them quarterly or once a year?

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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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  1. Chris – Great points here! KPIs are one piece of the puzzle though – primary research among members of the target audience often clarifies the “why” questions posed by KPI results.

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