Bring Your New Product to Market – Audio CD:
10 Innovative and Practical Secrets to a Successful New Product Introduction.

Save MONTHS (maybe years) of work and THOUSANDS of dollars. Learn the “how-to” tips used by professional marketing experts to market and promote new products. Introducing a new product? Don’t you wish you could just talk to someone who has done it hundreds of times before? This CD will save you time, money and headaches. “How-To” Audio CD — only $10.00 USD

Bring Your New Product to Market

This 55-minute audio CD is full of hands-on, real-life tips and techniques to help you increase the effectiveness of your new product launch. Audio CD value $10.00..

In addition to the audio CD full of marketing tips and tools, you will also receive a Website Assessment Analysis valued at #500. Please specify the website you would like to have reviewed and include your email for the assessment.

Total fee is only $50 US Dollars!

Free shipping of the CD within USA. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover through our secure merchant service. Eventually we will accept Bitcoin, but that is still in the testing phase.

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