How To Throw a Successful Open House at Your Business to Help Market Your Company’s Services

Have you recently moved your business?  After you got settled, did you throw an Open House?  If your company is a b-b service business or a consumer focused retail store, you need to make sure you make a big splash about your move.  It’s a great way to market your company’s services.

Here are some tips that will help:

  1. Develop the Invitation List- clients, friends, family, potential customers, collaborators, business associates, go thru your LinkedIn list, your business card pile, your outlook email and your email newsletter list
  2. Reserve Location if necessary – have it at your place if at all feasible!  Everyone wants to see your new place.
  3. Design clever Invitations – try to make them a little different with a magnet, candy or even a clever photo
  4. Develop a map to your location if necessary
  5. Food selection, ordering, delivery, preparation
  6. Drink selection, delivery
  7. Decorations selection, ordering, delivery, preparation
  8. Publicize Event with a written and mailed press release.
  9. Post the release on your website and all the free websites too!
  10. Mail the release to your chamber of commerce to include in their newsletter
  11. Don’t forget the industry newsletters, too
  12. Name Tags – it’s a great time for a b-b company to network. 
  13. Have plenty of Business Cards printed and on hand for passing out.
  14. RSVP record for you to track attendees
  15. Have door prizes for a few and a take home item for everyone

For more ideas on how to do it, check out my post Marketing with an Open House or a Grand Opening for additional ways to make it an effective marketing tool for you and your business.  You don’t have to do EVERYTHING, but the more you do to make it special, the more memorable.

What did you see at an open house or networking event that would make a great way to market a company with an event like this?

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