How To Get Speaking Engagements? Use a Speaker Sheet

One inexpensive but effective marketing tactic that many consultants and service providers use is speaking in front of target audiences. They find that speaking engagements help them to build awareness of their business. Speaking has a lot of benefits:

  • Opportunity to talk to a group of potential referrals and future clients
  • Helps to establish you as an expert for your topic or field of interest
  • More effective than just attending a meeting and networking

How do you get those speaking engagements?  One way is by using a speaker sheet, which can be compared to a sell sheet or spec sheet for a product.  A speaker sheet is also called a Speaker Fact Sheet or “One-Sheet“.

They are designed for meeting planners to quickly review information needed for booking the speaker. The speaker sheet should show how you are an expert in a certain area. It’s a sales tool to aid in getting speaking engagements.

I’ve included links to some examples of speaker sheets:

Commercial Embroidery Insurance Expert speaker sheet
Marketing Keynote and Workshop speaker sheet
Customer Service speaker sheet
Overcoming Adversity speaker sheet

Just like a product sell sheet, the speaker sheet has a number of components.  Speaker sheets typically include:

1) your photo
2) your contact info – phone, address, website, email etc
3) your speaking topics or workshop titles
4) testimonials from past speaking engagements
5) partial list of clients
6) books you’ve written

Are you creating your speaker sheet? Need help creating this marketing tool? Let me know. If you have a speaker sheet already, do you have the pdf link to your speaker sheet posted on your website?