Do You Need to Refresh Your Company Logo?

Are you working on a logo redesign for your brand? If so, you’re probably trying to balance a variety of challenges:

  • Keeping your logo fresh without losing your brand identity.
  • Making changes minor enough not to alienate your brand fans and users, but significant enough to make the needed difference that warrants the investment of time, effort and money.
  • Taking the time to research your changes with your target market, and not relying on just opinions of friends and family.

ebay: After 17 years of the ebay logo, ebay has announced a refresh to their logo. Do you think that the new logo that rolls out next month meets the challenge? 

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below:

I find that comparing how other leading brands have refreshed their logo helps to identify what is “worth it”. You may find it helpful to look at this example of how 60 companies refreshed their brand. It’s a full collection of corporate logos that have been updated.

5 thoughts on “Do You Need to Refresh Your Company Logo?

  1. Create logo for company is quite difficult. But the logo is the most valuable part i think so! I always love to watch ebay’s logo, i think new version will face some critical situation.

  2. I believe that a logo can set a company apart from its competitors. Having a well recognised logo can do wonders for the brand and potentially have a positive impact on a company’s profits. It is important to think carefully before making any decisions on a logo because major changes to the logo can also have a negative impact.

  3. Walter:
    Thanks for your comment. You’re so right that it’s important to think about the changes and not rush into it. Many companies live a long time with a logo before making modifications.

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