SuperBowl Ads Were Over Shadowed by the Game

It’s a tradition since I started the blog to talk over the Superbowl ads — the Monday morning quarterback if you will. Gotta admit. The game was fun to watch this year. Even my relatives who had to work were tuned in – find out how you can enjoy watching the game from your workplace in the article here and by simply researching ways to stream. My friends watched this game in much excitement as they had placed a bet on the team they thought was most likely to win. Whilst their team was unsuccessful, I’m sure a lot of other people enjoyed winning some money when their bet was correct. For those who want to consider betting next year, it might be worth reading this BetMGM Review to see if that betting company is safe to use. Hopefully, this will make the game even more exciting. Anyway, as we watch the Superbowl, I’m always looking out for the adverts.

My Favorite this year:

  • Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Head driving in a car on windy roads. He’s going fast, she’s complaining about his driving. Her mouth flies off the edge of the road. She switches to mad eyes. Loved it. Bridgestone did a GREAT job. And since I worked at Hasbro over 7 years, I even liked it better.

The Losing ad this year:

  • Teleflora: What were they thinking? Don’t send the flowers in a box because no one wants to see you naked? Missed the mark by a mile. My husband and I exchanged a glance that said, “Are they on drugs??” Who sends them in a box anyway… not FTD or 800Flowers, right? Even so, what a rude thing to say. The game was more intense that year which may have been why we think it was sooo bad! We also bet on the game, making it more competitive, click here for more information.

Prior years ads:

2008Super Bowl: This time the game was better than the ads/. Hmm. I musta thought the same thing last year!

2007: Superbowl AdsĀ¦ only a few favorites this year

2006: FedEx Caveman One of my very first posts on my old blog was about the Super Bowl ads.

Which ones were your favorites? Or least favorites?? You can watch all the Super Bowl Ads and then vote at YouTube until February 4th.

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  1. You know…I just watched a video that asked the same question. And what I found be interesting is that the Doritos advertisement, created by amateurs was the most popular!

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