Graphic Design Ideas for Increasing your Brand’s Recognition

Iconic  Brand AlphabetThey say a picture is worth a 1000 words. In this day of internet and electronic media, a good graphic message must communicate quickly and minimally. Whether you’re contacting a graphic designer to create a logo for your brand, or to make marketing materials like custom T-Shirts from Houston screen printers, your graphic message must be effective.

Here are some links for graphic design inspiration to help your brand:

It’s most important to provide direction to your graphic designer that helps them understand the tone, manner, feeling you want to evoke. Share your marketing positioning with them. Make sure they understand who your target market is and what the market values. Don’t tell them a gazillion features about your product and service – that doesn’t help as much as offering the feeling you want to communicate.

Telling them where to put the lines is micro-managing, but telling a good designer that you want to communicate a forward thinking dynamic brand that appeals to 25 year old women who are looking for a new apartment, gives them the result you want. It helps them become creative and to apply their skills and knowledge of design. Once you have your amazing design, you can make use of Printers in London in order to materialize your vision so that you can distribute it to the world.

What branding design project are you working on? Share it in the comments below

How To Create a Blog Post – For those who don’t like to WRITE!

How to write a blog post when you don't like to writeIf you really don’t like to write, how can you market your business using a blog?

Here’s my advice for creating a blog post, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer.

1) Log into WordPress
Go to POSTS. Select ADD NEW.
Select Visual (instead of Text)

2) Insert a PHOTO about your business
Click on ADD MEDIA. Select UPLOAD to add a new photo.
Decide if you will add something from the desktop or iphoto. Drag, double click or click on select file to upload
Rename the photo if it called something like 3489IMG or SCAN123. Try to name it something that someone might search in Google if they were looking for your type of business.

3) Describe the Photo
After you’ve inserted the photo, write a few sentences that describe the photo.

  • Just get it down on paper (don’t edit yet)
  • What would you say to a friend if they had just noticed this photo in your home or on your desk at work?
  • Make a few points about it. (Just get it down, not even full sentences.  Work the creative side of your brain.)
  • Then go back and edit for spelling, grammar and wording. (Work the analytic side of your brain.)
  • Make sure you have a title in the Blog post.
  • SAVE DRAFT often. You don’t want to lose your work. Proof and review in Preview.

4) Publish
When you’re satisfied with your photo and short description, it’s good.  Click the Publish key.

Think of writing a page in a book, not a whole book, not even a chapter!  Just a page that has a picture.  Almost a caption.

You can do a lot more, yes. But these 4 little steps will help you when you feel you’re stuck and are not a writer!

New Technologies Improve Marketing Products and Services

This past week I was impressed with two new technologies that makes marketing a new product or service better.

3-D Printing:
This 3-D printing looks like it is going to change a lot of things. Shipping is less than $7 and anyone can become a product designer by uploading their drawing. Very affordable one off prototypes at less than $2 per cm2 for most materials which you could probably source from places similar to if you’re creating electronics.

The on demand industry changed self published books… In my opinion, this is going to change a lot more. Check out the apps with this link to Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace and community where you can make your ideas real with 3D printing. This knocks out a giant barrier to entry for new products.

Have you tried this yet? If you have, please let me know how it worked out…

Augumented Reality:
The other day in the office we were talking about using NFC and augmented reality in marketing to explain complex engineering models or value propositions.

Found this video on YouTube showing a new Bert & Ernie toy that uses augmented reality. Sesame Street Augmented Reality Dolls Take AR to the Next Level.

To view the augmented reality from the toy, you just need a tablet or smartphone app.

Are you using any augmented reality campaigns in your marketing programs?

Could Your Business Benefit from a Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Like This?

PostcardMania's_Valentines_Day_PromotionEver used a holiday promotion for your business?

Even a company that sells business to business can benefit from a creative campaign that is executed with sound criteria.

Sarah Kicinski, Vice President of PostcardMania, shared information with me about her company’s Valentine’s Day campaign and how she helped her client’s with their marketing efforts. For those that are thinking of different ways to help promote a companies campaign, they could look into alternative promotion techniques such as looking into how they could use a Fotobox bei Boxbly to attract potential customers.

In 2012, PostcardMania put together a Valentine’s Day postcard marketing package to encourage clients to keep up with their postcard mailing strategy. In addition to thanking their loyal clients, PostcardMania wanted to use the campaign to strengthen its social media presence. The package included a Valentine’s Day card, wax lips, and a wax mustache.

The special offer was a free copy of the company’s CEO Joy Gendusa’s book, The Ultimate Postcard Marketing Success Manual, for any recipient who posted a picture of themselves, wearing the wax lips and mustache, on their Facebook wall.

They sent the package out to 500 of their top clients and this is what happened:

Social Media Results:
Received 20 new “Likes” for their Facebook page during the week of Valentine’s Day with 18 clients who posted their wax lips and mustache pictures on the page. They also got 3 thank you emails.

Revenue Generated:
Of the 500 clients, 68 placed new orders during the week of Valentine’s Day. Their 68 orders generated $120,637 of revenue for the postcard company. Raw materials for the campaign, including the production of the cards, purchase of the wax lips and mustaches, and postage, cost only $3000.

I don’t know how much of that is incremental, since she didn’t say what a typical week’s revenues are, but still, this sounds pretty impressive.

Lessons learned? A strong house list of your best customers really pulls. A clever 3-D mailer, with clear direction to take a photo of yourself and post it on our Facebook page, gets the Social Media buzz going.

Memorable. Fun. Interactive. And I’m assuming from her descriptions, that the clients who bought postcards from them went on to additional marketing success. Kinda makes you want to do your own postcard plus clever holiday tie-in mailer to your customers, doesn’t it?

Sarah has three suggestions to keep in mind with holiday marketing using postcards:

  1. First, the early bird gets the worm, and the early marketer gets the customer. Start your postcard mailing early, so your prospects have repeated exposure to your offers by the peak of the holiday excitement. The more they see your offers, the more likely they are to accept them.
  2. Next, make sure you have a creative special offer featured on your postcard – especially if your business isn’t directly relevant to the holiday, like flowers and jewelry. You want to engage your prospects’ interest with an attractive offer presented in a way that is relevant to the holiday buzz. For instance, a dentist can offer a discount on teeth whitening before Valentine’s Day. It’s a relevant service, made attractive with a special discount. Moreover, in the highly competitive dental industry, it is vital that dentists go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd. Correspondingly, experimenting with unique marketing approaches like this one can prove to be beneficial. Accordingly, you can learn more about the different marketing techniques that dentists can use by reaching out to a marketing agency that specializes in dental marketing services.
  3. Finally, social media is a great tool during the holidays. You can use social media during holidays to fortify your postcard marketing message, or you can use your postcards to strengthen your online presence. You can fuel the buzz and excitement amongst online followers by posting on holiday specific topics, which will make your postcards more effective once they reach them. You can also encourage online interaction on your postcards with a social media related call to action. This will bolster your online presence and lead to even more marketing benefits down the road.

If you enjoyed hearing this case study, you might enjoy more case studies from PostcardMania.

Editor’s note: This was a guest blog post interview. While I don’t usually accept guest posts, Sarah and her staff did all the leg work to pull together this case study that I think will be of interest to the readers of Branding & Marketing. So readers, now’s your chance. Was this blog post helpful and interesting to you? Leave a comment below.

Personalize Your QR Codes with Logo and Colors to Increase Response

10 Tips for Using QR Codes
Are you using QR Codes in your marketing tactics? While I love the idea of them, I’ve felt they are a bit ugly. Until now.

Want more colorful QR Codes? I made this one at the Unitaglive site.

You can personalize your QR code with this user-friendly interface.

Here’s a QR Code guide on creating an efficient QR Code campaign. It’s distributed by Unitag, a young start-up which develops and markets innovative Web Mobile solutions.

What about a place to promote your QR codes? Check out Qritters — a directory that brings QR code and mobile marketing conversations and capabilities to business owners so that they can engage with their customers using current technologies.