Just this past week two different people have asked me:  How do I get started blogging? Do you have any resources to share? If marketing has moved into the Web 2.0, how do I establish the conversation?  What’s the best way to brand my company on the internet with a blog?

I am happy to share resources.  If you know of others, please leave a comment to help others who are learning.

Here’s some resources to get started:

  • Mike Sansone at www.converstations.com has a wealth of information.  I especially like his glossary of terms.
  • Dawud Miracle: one of the most helpful guys out there in blogosphere.  Healthy Web Design is his company and he’s also sharing the platform at Wendy Piersall’s Sparkplugging site for blogging from home parents.
  • Yaro’s videos at www.becomeablogger.com tells how to buy a domain, set up a host, link your domain to the host and install WordPress software into the site.  Videos are about 6 minutes long and easy to understand — even for a beginner.
  • Chris Garrett has a great planning tool for writing — see his visual below.
  • Chris Garrett

Next time, I’ll write a post with resources on HOW to write for your company… it’s much different than a personal journal type blog or a regular company website.

If you have an interest in learning more about this… or if your blog focuses on company blog writing, please leave a comment! Thanks! Meanwhile, for those in the USA — have a great memorial day weekend!

Tips for Getting Started with a Company Blog

2 thoughts on “Tips for Getting Started with a Company Blog

  • Friday, December 26, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    I would also recommend CopyBlogger for new and existing bloggers. Down the right side of his blog he has links to articles, many of which help bloggers increase their audience.

    One of the hurdles of blogging is overcoming the feeling that you are writing and no one is listening. Brian Clark of Copyblogger has an award winning blog and offers great suggestions, resources and advice.


    Take care.

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