Trade Show Workshop Secrets

Trade show workshopI am presenting a Trade Show Workshop created to help Sales and Marketing Professionals exhibit at a trade show with the best sales results called “Trade Shows: Secrets for Sales and Marketing Professionals” on Saturday January 9, 2016 from 9:30 – 11:30 am at the lower level conference room at the Braewick Professional Buildings, 2108 Braewick Circle, Akron.

If you are responsible for your company’s trade show activities and are local to Northeast Ohio, you may want to learn more about this workshop. You also may want to check out companies like cnc cutting services to help with your trade show presenting from displays to exhibits.

Attending a trade show can bring positive results, new contacts, added customers and increased market share for a company. Exhibiting at a trade show can be intimidating, expensive and a bit overwhelming. This workshop will guide sales and marketing professionals to confidently achieve their best trade show results.

In this workshop, marketing, and sales professionals will learn:

  • How to cost effectively create an inviting atmosphere for their exhibit
  • How to leverage the existing materials to multiply your marketing effectiveness
  • How to use 3 of the highest impact tools of the show that are available to everyone, but exhibitors rarely use them
  • How to smoothly introduce yourself, your company, and your new products to attract new customers

Trade Show Workshop

Attendees will find that they’ll be able to attract, influence, persuade, connect, and ultimately convert that prospect into a customer.

The trade show workshop includes a workbook with frequently asked exhibitor questions, a trade show attack plan and a checklist. Having a checklist will help you get organized for your trade show and get everything together for the event. Remember to put not only equipment on your list but other supplies like custom tablecloth/banners/promotional materials etc. this will make you better prepared.

I feel so strongly about this, I’ve created some powerful tools to help trade show exhibitors. In my book, SIMPLE STEPS, BIG RESULTS, I devote a whole chapter to Trade Shows. And now I’ve pulled out part of that chapter and developed a workbook to pair it with this two-hour trade show workshop where I will share all the secrets of a successful show. Having brilliant Roll Up Banner Stands can always help make an impression at a trade show.

Whether your goal is to introduce a new product, connect with potential customers or simply reconnect with existing customers… this workshop will help you to confidently have your best trade show.

Space is limited. Click here to sign up before the end of the year to get a 15% early bird discount.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.