Why Content Marketing is So Important to Your 2017 Online Visibility

Everyone knows that content marketing is important. It seems everywhere I look there is lots of discussion about it. Content marketing provides a number of things to your company’s visibility on the internet. It helps:

  • to establish credibility
  • to get noticed
  • to help attract the search engine results
  • to present your marketing message in a way that is helpful to your potential clients and customers.

But it’s also important to note that the content has to be of value to the consumer, you can’t just post a lot of low-quality content and think that’s good enough because people won’t want to look at it. It’s also important to show yourself as a professional within your industry. For example, home service businesses go to an agency like Home Service Direct to help generate leads and improve their marketing efforts because they are specialized to help businesses within their industry grow. If you don’t produce good enough content or fail to show yourself to be one of the best options in your sector, you’re not going to be making any new leads.

Not sure what is content marketing? Let’s break it down simply:

Content – articles, stories, tweets, headlines, information, photos, videos – all focused on a specific topic of interest to a company’s intended target audience. (My favorite for B-B marketing are case studies and white papers talking about positive solutions to problems. My least favorite – when people forget and post something political.)

Marketing – the effort to attract the target audience… as well as inform, influence and persuade the audience to feel, think and do. (Take action- call, email or click.) There are different ways content can be marketed to an audience, organically or paid for using services provided by specialist like the social media agency: Buzzoid, if you are going down the social media route for marketing. There is so much to learn, that no matter what industry you find yourself in, there will always be a solution. In technical terms, this is PCC or SEO to marketers, if you’re unsure which one is best for your business, why not do a little research? Check out, http://www.johntking.com/whats-better-ppc-or-seo/.
Everyone has an opinion it seems, but here are some links to thought leaders in the content marketing space:

Joe Pulizzi, a key leader of the content marketing movement and founder of the Content Marketing institute has an awesome blog all about Content Marketing.

Mack Collier, content marketing innovator and Social Media consultant offers solid advice for marketers and companies working on their messaging strategy. (Thanks Mack for your recent email reminding me again not to post anything political in my social media feed because I’ll make 75% of the audience mad at me. It is a good reminder!!)

JHB from the UK offers this cool infographic cocktail recipe for Content Marketing:
Other thoughts on the subject:
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If you’re interested in more tips and tricks check out nostop.net! They have a fantastic range of content that’ll help you learn how to grow your content marketing.

Stay tuned – I’m working on the next article about the content marketing editorial calendar. Got a tip or tool? Send it to me and maybe I’ll feature it in the article!

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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  1. This is a massive help as after having a website running for years, I have finally just started looking at content marketing. Finding it really hard to get my content seen at the moment and it feels a bit off putting. However, this cocktail infographic might have just told me where I was going wrong!

    Thanks :)

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