Twitter Feed Values Speed

Fast Tweet or ElseNothing like being a little slow in the Twitterverse.

I’m not surprised how critical Twitter users are of Red Lobster’s untimely response to Beyonce‘s call out in her recent lyrics.

BuzzFeed even calls it “Pretty Awful.”

Using Twitter for marketing… it’s all about speed.

In my opinion, hey, it took a little time, but still got 15K likes and 14K retweets!

Just goes to show, to gain admiration of the twitterverse, you have to be clever and fast!!  You not only need to listen to each song IMMEDIATELY, but you need to have an approved tweet suitable for retweets ready to go!!

It’s all about the speed.  Too bad if anyone wants to review something before it goes out, right?

So what’s the answer? Have the one who would be doing the reviewing come up with the tweet and send it out? I don’t think that’s the right answer either.

Missed opportunity vs Message Review

Probably because of so many mangled messages that can never really come down… known as “unringing the bell”, I would side on the message review instead of trying to immediately hit a home run with an extremely timely tweet.

You probably already guessed my choice.  Since I was the blogger who got a good night’s sleep after the Super Bowl before posting my favorite commercial.




Online Marketing Guide Helps with Branding

online marketing tips in 2014 CMO Social LandscapeTrying to build your brand? Should you focus on Twitter or Facebook? The use of advertising plays similar roles in any industry. Whether you find yourself in the food business or the law industry, where it’s best to get an understanding of the law firm marketing debate, advertising and marketing does play a large part in any business’ success. For example, many businesses flock to SEO specialists in order to market their brand efficiently. Using SEO professional companies like results in an increase in website traffic due to an increase in visibility of the website.

A quick glance at this chart (green means go) you’ll know what to do. The guide indicates which social media program is best to use to help you to meet your online marketing goals and objectives.

I know what happens to me. I get more comfortable with one format or one of the media outlets makes a big change. Then it’s harder to get comfortable again posting and using the media. CMO has made it easier for me to push myself to learn. It’ll help me use some of the less popular social media outlets, because I know it will better help me meet my goals. If you still feel after this article that you aren’t brave enough to give it a go. Consider consulting someone similar to Ram Digital Marketing Agency.

Online Marketing Tips You Can Use

If your goals for your online marketing are any of these four… improving search engine results, building brand awareness, increasing customer communication or generating traffic, you’ll like the new CMO’s 2014 Guide to the Social Landscape.

Customer communication? Consider Instagram for communication, but it doesn’t look like Google+ will help you very much. I’m sure it matters how many followers you have for each of your various social media accounts, but the using the right medium to communicate the message that best supports your overall goal will help you align your tactics with your goals.

I was surprised that YouTube only had one green category. Here I thought that Video was it!! Maybe it’s great for customer communication. But I guess not as much for seo, brand awareness or traffic generation. It used to be that a video with a keyword phrase and link to your website would really help with brand awareness .

What about you? How do you use social media to improve your online marketing? Do you consider your goals when you’re taking time to do your social media marketing? What is your “go to” format? Some businesses try to build their awareness through word of mouth or even through apparel. If you would like some ideas on how to build brand awareness you might be interested in visiting a company similar to Design Brand Print and browse tshirts here.

Thanks Denise Wakeman for the tip. (She posted it on Google+ which is my least favorite media, but probably the one with the most upside for me at the moment.)

Images Sizes for Visual Branding in Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn Company images sizesDo you struggle with setting up your headers, profile photos and all the various images for social media? Here’s a handy social media size chart that offers a cheat sheet for the sizes for Facebook covers, YouTube videos, Pinterest boards, and LinkedIn company profiles… and more.  Hat tip to Curtis Harris for sharing some of his favorite links on Delicious.

Did You Forget This Key Website SEO Tactic From Your Internet Marketing?

Chances are your website has an “About us”, “Contact us”, “Home” and “News” page. They are pretty standard as websites go. And if you’ve got a blog, you probably have an about page, a blog roll and archives.

But are you capitalizing on the titles of those standard pages?

By just writing the familiar titles, you may be missing a huge opportunity to attract potential customers and clients but hiding your page from the search engines. What do I mean?

Hopefully your page has a title that doesn’t use the words: “About Us” “Home” or “News” as the name of the page.

This is a very common mistake that means you’ll be missing out of the potential Search Engine Optimization for your website.

Try to be more creative by using your company name… maybe even with a descriptor of your industry or keywords that someone may look for your company with. A geographic descriptor can be very helpful if you have a regional or local business.

There’s nothing wrong with using the phrase “About us”. Just remember that when you Google :about us”, about 9.7 billion results come back. Make sure you add your company name at a minimum.

Some key phrases that are often used to find a company or service are:

  • “Find a local…” plumber, roofer, pizza delivery.
  • “Help with…” taxes, lawn mowing, car repairs.
  • “near ___” fill in the city or county name.

Instead of naming the title of your page “About Us” it may be more helpful to name it “About our Car Repair Service in Toledo”. Can you see how that would help the search engines recognize your page? If you’re a plumber or plumbing firm for example and you need a website, it may be worth looking around at different website examples so you get an idea of the sites an agency can build you. This way, you can rest assured that you have an SEO savvy website that will already meet all these needs for you. Another great way of promoting your business is to become apart of a plumbers association, similar to Plumber Success International a spin-off of Success Group International. As SGI explained in a blog post, there are benefits of being a part of a plumbers association, it is a good way of reaching potential customers and growing a successful business. If you’d rather do it yourself, there are some more tips below to help you.

You can still use just the word about or about us in the navigation, but make the title and the URL into what people are searching for!

  • About our pizza delivery service in Chicago
  • About the dentists in our Nashville Tennessee office
  • How we help with moving to a new home in Florida

Have you tried this on your site yet? Make sure you have some analytic measurements (like Goggle analytics installed) to see how it increases your traffic on the page.

Why should you considering hiring a marketing consultant, when you could do this yourself?

Is Facebook Still a Strong Marketing Tactic for Your Business?

If your Facebook page and program is still one of the key tactics for communicating with your customers and potential customers, it may make sense to re evaluate it with the recent updates.

Depending on your target market, some of the key demographics are starting to abandon Facebook.

While Pew Research Center’s Social Media usage data from December 2012 shows that Facebook is still tops in terms of social media usage at 67%, just five months later there are signs of Facebook abandonment.

For example, when a video that makes fun of the unwanted Facebook Updates gets more than 2 million views in just 3 days, you know something is up.

This video provides an analogy of an apartment make-over to the Facebook update.

If your Facebook page and program is still one of the key tactics for communicating with your customers and potential customers, it may make sense to re evaluate it with the recent updates.

I know it captures some of the feelings I’ve had lately when unwanted ads or individuals have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere on my timeline.