Use Mobile Search Optimization Best Practices in Your Titles

If no one has heard of you, using your brand name in the title is just a waste of characters!

There are a lot of different ways you can improve the SEO of your website. Getting the best SEO expert & consultant Jacksonville fl would definitely be beneficial for your website if you can’t keep up with all of Google’s updates! However, if you are trying to brand and market your company going into 2015 by yourself, you are probably concerned with getting found on the search engines from a smartphone.

Search engine optimization is now one of the most important elements of marketing for any business, no matter how big or small it may be. Using SEO correctly allows a business to be more visible online, rank higher in search engines and reach more audiences and has many other benefits. SME’s tend to outsource their SEO needs to experienced SEO companies like 1st On The List, as it means they can focus on their own jobs and benefit from professional SEO services. The better the SEO, the better the online presence. This also applies to mobile commerce too. Mobile screens are smaller, meaning a customer sees less on a page and has to look a little harder when they’re looking for their product/service. Having great mobile SEO means that you’re near the top of their search and can catch their attention near enough right away. Strong SEO in the title is your first step.

Length of title makes a difference in the search engines. Aim for about 60 or 65 characters with your keyword phrase near the front of the title.

Be careful to leave out the non-search terms. There are several common words that are a waste of characters. You’ve seen them used all over a website: about, welcome, home, menu and so on. These words show up in so many titles but no one searches for them! Just for laughs, type one of these into your search box and see how many results come up. Yikes!!

Only optimize one keyword phrase per article or post. Trying to have posts do double duty only weakens the effectiveness.

Mobile Search Optimization Best Practices for Branding

If your brand name is a search term, include it… but if no one has heard of you, it’s a waste of characters. Use what people will be searching for! Just adding your company name or brand name into your title will not make people search for the term.

Mobile screens are smaller, so you’ll want to use shorter keyword phrases if possible.

Beyond the title, the content makes the difference and having strong unique content of at least 300 words is critical. Interviewing experts and transcribing the interview makes for great content. This will help you to build credibility and create a platform for your brand as well.

Look into other SEO best practices before finalizing the optimization of your post or article.

Smart phones have surpassed traditional search so it is time for developing a plan for your mobile search program. This is by no means an easy thing to do, but with the help of a company like this Boston SEO company, it is more than possible. Your business will certainly reap the rewards from it.

Accepting Credit Cards with Your Cell Phone: Square versus the Triangle for Easy Merchant Accounts

Do mobile credit card payment devices improve your marketing effectiveness Looks like Square is starting to cut into PayPal’s turf. I wrote about taking credit cards with your cell phone using the Square a couple of years ago and now PayPal (owned by eBay) has launched the Triangle.

Funny how they decided to name it something so similar!

Trust is a big thing with this form of payment, especially if your business needs a high risk payment gateway that can handle large scale transactions securely, and maybe with PayPal’s name on it, the Triangle will be more widely accepted by consumers and businesses alike.

You’ll remember that I believe that PayPal is great for the buyer, but tough to administer as the seller. I’m wondering if being able to swipe with the Triangle evens the playing field from the small business owner’s point of view?

With Square partnering with Starbucks and Triangle partnering with NCR and Discover the idea of swiping your card with just about anyone to trade money is bound to catch on. Even the Girl Scouts have been selling cookies using a mobile card reader with Intuit’s GoPayment device.

I have not yet seen a Triangle but have a Square for my business. Have you tried the Triangle or the Square in your business yet? Here’s a nice side by side comparison chart.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts of either. Pro and con.

5 Tips for Branding and Marketing in the New Year for 2013

Are you ready for 2013?

Do you have your marketing plan in place? Outlined your stair steps to sales for new clients to existing products or existing clients to new services?

What are the tools and tactics you’re going to use? Are they the most effective – both in results and cost? Easy enough to implement or easy to make a mistake?

Here’s my 5 tips for branding and marketing in the 2013:

1) Don’t give up on Direct Mail just yet: While no one can argue that print media has taken a nose dive, you may not want to discount all the “old school” direct marketing techniques just yet.

Don’t forget at the start of the new year, new US mail postcard rules go into effect with new postcard rules for smaller sizes and address orientation go into effect from the USPS. This is important information to have if you are thinking about using postcards as a marketing strategy. While using a postcard maker to make your marketing material you can use these new rules as a guideline.

2) Test something new: Do you have a new years resolution for marketing? I’ll bet that mobile is top of the list. However who really wants to see an “ad” on your little phone screen while you’re trying to reply to a text, an email or shoot out a photo for another post?

If you really wanted to advertise your brand and try something new, you could order some custom wristbands from a website like to give out to clients and customers. Using a product like this will really increase your brand awareness so why not give it a try?

3) Media matching: Make sure you match the media with your target market.

Is it just me, or has some of the social media hype lost it’s shiny halo for marketing? I find that more and more, people are looking for something that works, not just the latest “cool” thing.

Facebook, while hitting 1 billion accounts, often still doesn’t deliver the marketing results that companies want… and can be confusing to implement — even to those in the know (like Mark Zuckerburg’s sister Randi!) with confusing settings.

4) Consider using PR over Ads: PR has the implied endorsement of the media vehicle. Getting free publicity that has some legs can be more cost effective than advertising and last longer too. Looking for some “free” publicity? I’m “regifting” Joan Stewart’s Best Tips of 2012:

5) Write down your marketing plan: It seems like a no-brainer, but written marketing plans have a much high opportunity for success. Even if it’s on the back of a napkin. Who’s your target market? What’s the message you want them to take away? How will you reach them? What’s the measure of success, so you know it was effective?

Bonus Ask for help! A lot of people don’t like to ask for help, but why wouldn’t you when there are so many specialist companies out there that can help with marketing strategies? They are easy to find – for example, if you are an interior design company then a simple search for ‘Marketing for Home Service Providers‘ will bring up a selection of companies that can specifically help you and your business. Something simple like this could really be the boost you need to take your business to the next level.

I’m looking forward to a great 2013 — it’s going to be a fantastic year.

What’s your branding and marketing tips for 2013?

Is Your Mobile Marketing Program Ready to Generate Results?

Everything I read lately reminds me that mobile marketing is going to be big, BIG, REALLY BIG.

From advertising, to websites, and of course, all the apps — having your brand accessible and in the public’s eye from a mobile device will be crucial.

Mobile text, ads on apps, mobile only sites… each mobile marketing tactic needs to further the marketing goals and objectives of building awareness, encouraging trial, generating leads, and otherwise improving sales.

The challenge is that mobile is not just another tactic like a billboard or a newsletter or a trifold brochure.

It needs more specialized IT resources than a blog or a customer database.  Could require almost as much interaction as a consumer call center.  But has more potential than almost any other medium in the next few years.

What are you doing to further your brands’ mobile marketing program? Are you going to build a mobile component into your 2013 marketing program?

Leave a comment below describing how you’re planning to take advantage of the growth in mobile with your brand.

When Should You Advertise on Facebook Over Google?

In an advertising discussion the other day, the question of click-thru or pay-per-click advertising came up. Some businesses are using agencies like Voy Media to advertise on Facebook whereas others are prefering to spend their money on Google Ads. Obviously, the pros and cons vary for each individual business but which is better in general?

“Facebook Ads or Google Ads?”

Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

Facebook ads are postage stamp size, but unlike adwords, at least there is a photo. Google display ads offer better visuals for larger content. If this is something that you are interested in then you should check out something like these Powerful Google Ads script automations. However, Facebook allows you to present impressions to very targeted group. (You can narrow down by zip code and age for example.) Google ads work better for business-to-business advertising than Facebook ads. Many businesses block Facebook from work computers. Facebook ads don’t show up on my smartphone, but I’m not seeing Google ads when I search on the phone either, especially when it comes to adult sites. Fortunately, I know some of the best ad networks for adult sites which are helpful for picking up where Google and Facebook ads can’t. Maybe that will change after the IPO and Facebook is looking at quarterly profit reporting to shareholders.

With Facebook’s IPO set to launch tomorrow, I though this might be a timely topic. I even found this infographic that presented some of the pros and cons of Facebook vs Google advertising from a graphic perspective:

So tell me. Which do you choose and why? What do you think? Leave a comment below.