Using Audio-Video to Share Your Message on Facebook & YouTube

Using Audio-Video microphone and computerAs a marketing professional, if you’re not using audio video to build your audience, share your message and communicate with your customers, you probably have considered it. There is a lot to learn as you work on building an audience and honing your communication skills for the internet. For good audio equipment, you can visit sites like Graham Slee HiFi to stock up on equipment that will help show your audience how professional you are.

Having the right equipment can improve the audio, video and make you stand out on the internet.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful for lights, microphones, and editing tools.

Mari Smith – Facebook expert shares video gear suggestions

Drew McClellan – Agency Management Institute shares this tool with his potential guests so they sound like a million bucks on his podcast.

Audacity – free digital audio recording and editing tool that allows you to edit.

Joan Stewart: 5 Must Have Techie Tools if you want Free Publicity

Podcast Guests – Want to be booked for an interview on a podcast? Consider listing yourself as an expert in your business category so podcast hosts can find you.

Tools for Making Marketing Tactics Easier

Add music to video copyright free
This video of leaves falling is enhanced with music from Magisto.May not work with your browser.

As a small business, you might require all the available help to make sure you are marketing your product rightly. There are several apps and tools that make things easier when you’re working on small business marketing tactics. From music to other forms of entertainment, you could implement a lot of ways in which you could attract customers and prospective clients who can help your business grow. You could go to this site to know more about the same.

However, given the power of the internet to learn and create everything you want at your fingertips, all you might require to tap into this unlimited potential could be a good internet connection. Once you find a highspeed internet service provider near you, which you can by looking up for “internet near me” or similar search terms, you would just need the right application or tools that can make your marketing work simple for you.

Here are a few tools that I’ve used to make preparing marketing easier over the past few weeks.

NOTES: I like to dictate into “notes” on my phone and then later send it to myself as an email. I especially use this following a client meeting. I head out the car and take a few minutes before leaving to give myself a quick to do list. I review the notes from the meeting and use the voice app to let the iPhone type the notes.

Later when I get back to the office, it is a matter of editing the “auto corrects” and rearranging the top of mind notes. I have found that it saves time and I don’t forget a detail that previously I may have missed. This is especially helpful if I have several different client meetings back to back. For an Android phone, you may have to install a separate app. This article has 10 note apps that could also work on iPhone – each has unique features.

HIGHTAIL: When there are numerous people on a committee and everyone needs to review and proofread, it is time-consuming to have it happen in parallel (one person, then the next, then the next, in bottom up order.) It is especially annoying when one person disagrees with another person, or misinterprets their revisions. It can waste a lot of graphic design and editing hours. Using Hightail allows everyone to log in to view the PDF when they have a moment. Easy-to-use sticky notes allow people to review by marking where the change is and asking a question or making a statement. All others can see revisions so it speeds the process along. Hefty monthly fee if you are a casual user, but great for a small business. Shout out to Cecilia Sveda and Brad Hain.

MAGISTO – Have a series of photos or a short video that you’d like to pull together with free music for a memorable social media video? Want to add music to video copyright free? I tried this recently and had good success with a short video (under a minute), but it edited out half of my slides for a longer (2 minute) video. The cool thing was the music I could add without worrying about copyright infringement or paying a royalty. The paid account ($10/a month) takes the water mark off the video at the end and lets you embed into email. Shout out to Angela Dash.

What programs and apps do you use to make things easier, faster and more effective? Leave a comment below.

Portraying Advertising, Marketing as the Bad Guys

A love story 4 minute animation from Chipotle Mexican Grill to launch their new marketing campaign.
A love story 4 minute animation from Chipotle Mexican Grill to launch their new marketing campaign.

I just watched the 4 minute Chipotle animation that launches their new marketing strategy.  It was just posted about 2 months ago and has 7 million views. After a week, it had 4 million views.

It’s about business competitors trying to out do each other and ends as a love affair with sensible food.

Is the point of this video that marketing, advertising and promotion helps you to lose site of your values?  In this video the marketing and advertising influences are portrayed as the villain in the story.

Portraying Advertising as the Cause

Marketing is demonized by plenty of people, not just this video.  Is it really the fault of marketing?!?!

Is marketing the problem with the fast food industry? Marketing made them put food additives into the food?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I never thought the problems at Chipotle were about excessive advertising and marketing.

Their website outlines the outbreaks in 2015 in a very straightforward crisis communications manner. Social media has rumors of an unscrupulous conspiracy designed to give them a bad name.

Maybe I missed something. Was there a secret love affair gone bad that caused the rumors (or fact) of health problems due to food?

Are they trying to redirect and blur their story?

Is this love story actually the story of how Chipolte was founded?

What is the strategy behind this animation?

Obviouly I have more questions than answers about this subject.

I originally wrote this post a few days after the short video was released, but didn’t publish it. I waited because I thought I might figure it out. Instead, I’m throwing this out to my readers to explain it to me. 

What’s the deal with this… I just don’t get it? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Marketing and Branding can be a Thousand Little Things – But It Goes Beyond That!

Filming my segment of Grow Your Business Cleveland marketing branding thousand
Filming my segment of Grow Your Business Cleveland

Often when I talk about making a difference with your marketing, it’s focused on the BIG PICTURE. Going after the right target market. Finding a strong compelling message that repeatable and memorable. Using cost effective media that helps to influences your target market. Or measuring your marketing efforts for the maximum sales impact.

Marketing and branding can be a thousand little things, all in support of the big picture. It can be the way you answer the phone, return calls promptly or smile when you shake someone’s hand. Or not. Failing to take care of the little things can impact the big things.

Often it is the little things that people remember. Kindness. Sincerity. Optimism. Actually, maybe those are the big things. Bigger than marketing.

Last spring I got to participate in a program that involved interns. We all know that internships can make all the difference in launching a career and I’m heartened when I see a good program in action.

I’m reminded of this again when I watched the recent recap of an internship experience of several Spring Interns that I had the opportunity to meet as part of a business professional series that I participated in for Grow Your Business Cleveland. Watching this video gave me the same optimistic feeling I had the day we worked on and filmed my portion of the video. Being around interns who are the beginning of their career is refreshing.

The interns made me feel relaxed and confident. They had great ideas for elaborating about different areas of my segment and I enjoyed working with them to create my tips. The video also reminded me that video plays in important role in telling your business story. It seems to bring the story to life much more than just a photo or the written word.

Video is just one of the thousand little things that contribute to the overall marketing program. But working with people who are kind, sincere and optimistic takes it over the top. Thanks for this experience!