The 4 P’s vs the 4 M’s of Marketing

Speaking about Marketing Strategy with the 4 M's of Marketing
Speaking about Marketing Strategy

In the early marketing courses in college, they teach the 4 P’s of marketing: Product,
Place, and

I believe that the 4 M’s in marketing plan are a better place to focus.

Market – who your target customer is

Message – what you want to communicate to them

Media – the tools you will use to communicate to your customers (with a schedule and budget)

Measurement – what you hope to accomplish and tracking how well it worked.

Last night I spoke to a room full of business owners about developing their marketing strategy. As business owners, they are all wearing many hats. I’m sure that finding the time to create a full marketing strategy is a challenge. If they don’t have a good background in marketing, it may be even more difficult.

To make it easier in the 90 minutes we had together, I helped walk them through their 4M’s and also touched on each of the 4 P’s of marketing.

How to Create a Social Media Header for your Business

Four Tools for Creating Your Social Media Header

Many of the main social media sites not only have business page profiles, they also have headers. In Facebook, it’s called a cover photo. Twitter and LinkedIn both call it a header.

One of the tricky things is each social media account has slightly different sizes. And the profile photo incorporates differently with each one, especially considering the responsive design that helps with mobile, tablet and desktop viewing of the same URL into a different size.

  1. One nice chart that I found shows all the social media profile and header sizes in one place, but it was issued in January 2016. No doubt that in just a few weeks one of the social media sites will have revised their sizing requirements! But finding a guideline that is close can give you a good head start to branding and marketing your company or yourself in social media. This Social Media Cheat Sheet is courtesy of Please see the website link for more explanation and how to repurpose your Twitter header for a LinkedIn header.
  2. Another place I found with a cheat sheet for social media sizes for headers and profiles has promised to always stay up-to-date. That’s a challenge.  I have found that I am always looking up what the different size requirements are for the various social media marketing profiles. Between the headers, posters, profile photos, and cover shots… it’s always changing.
  3. I like the way Sprout Social approaches this challenge as well. they have a tool called landscape that helps you size things correctly and offer a free trial.
  4. Hubspot knows people are looking for an easy way to create headers and profiles so they’ve provided templates for the 5 top sites… you just have to give away your email in trade.

How do you stay current with the sizing changes?

50 Outstanding Internet Marketing Blogs

outstanding internet marketing blogsI’m really enjoying digging into these outstanding internet marketing blogs. I’ve only been familiar with 14 or 15 of these listed, so it’s fun to find new articles and ways of thinking.

Click on the link to Cash on the Cloud to see the list of 50 internet marketing blogs. I find that it is always helpful to learn about new marketing guru’s and hear about new information. Things on the internet tend to change quickly and I like to stay on top of the news.

Let me know which of these you found particularly helpful by leaving a comment below.

WordPress Leads the Way for Managed Content Websites

Managed Content - the winner is WordPressWondering about upgrading your website from a privately developed format into something that “anyone” in the company can hop into and make updates?

If so, you’re not along.  WordPress is the platform of choice for one in four of the websites on the internet, according to Matt Mullenweg in his speech on the State of the Word 2015.

There are many reasons why it is the website software of choice.

I wondered, “How many different kinds of content management software are there?”

Although I started to count all the types of site on this chart, I stopped after 67… seemed kind of ridiculous.

WordPress Has the Easiest to Operate Managed Content System

I think that WordPress really has the easiest to operate managed content system. You can even install some plug ins that offer tutorial videos inside the dashboard to help you step by step.

Wondering about using WordPress? After really evaluating SquareSpace and Wix, I wonder why you wouldn’t select WordPress.

Interesting that both of those chose to run ads on the superbowl. SquareSpace was selected as one of the worst ads on the SuperBowl but it appears that fared somewhat better by selecting former NFL players as spokespeople. Not that it matters that they used the Super Bowl to build awareness.

But how many times has WordPress bought commercials on the Super Bowl?

Twitter Feed Values Speed

Fast Tweet or ElseNothing like being a little slow in the Twitterverse.

I’m not surprised how critical Twitter users are of Red Lobster’s untimely response to Beyonce‘s call out in her recent lyrics.

BuzzFeed even calls it “Pretty Awful.”

Using Twitter for marketing… it’s all about speed.

In my opinion, hey, it took a little time, but still got 15K likes and 14K retweets!

Just goes to show, to gain admiration of the twitterverse, you have to be clever and fast!!  You not only need to listen to each song IMMEDIATELY, but you need to have an approved tweet suitable for retweets ready to go!!

It’s all about the speed.  Too bad if anyone wants to review something before it goes out, right?

So what’s the answer? Have the one who would be doing the reviewing come up with the tweet and send it out? I don’t think that’s the right answer either.

Missed opportunity vs Message Review

Probably because of so many mangled messages that can never really come down… known as “unringing the bell”, I would side on the message review instead of trying to immediately hit a home run with an extremely timely tweet.

You probably already guessed my choice.  Since I was the blogger who got a good night’s sleep after the Super Bowl before posting my favorite commercial.