Encouraging Entrepreneurship with the #Girlpower Pitch

I am looking forward to judging the #GIRLPOWER PITCH at the Blackstone LaunchPad Kent State University on Wednesday, November 12, at the Kent State University Student Center in Kent, Ohio.

During this competition a group of female Kent State students will pitch their businesses to see who will advance to a regional level competition. Based on their business pitches, two women will be chosen by the judges to move on to compete in the next level of business ventures pitch for the chance to win $200, $300, or $500 at the November 19th business pitch competition in Cleveland.

Letting Your Inner #GIRLBOSS shine!

All the CEO Ladies

Blackstone LaunchPad at Kent State University promotes entrepreneurship as a viable career path. Through meetings, mentoring, workshops and events LaunchPad helps Kent State students, faculty/staff and alumni to create new businesses or grow existing start-ups in Northeast Ohio.

Have questions about #GIRLPOWER PITCH? Contact Blackstone LaunchPad Kent State University

Want a Quick Way to Learn the Demographics of a Zip Code?

Zip code look upFor income, age, lifestyle and population density of any particular area, Zip Tapestry, a handy website tool, allows you to just type in a zip code and have quick demographic info at your finger tips.

Could be great if you’re looking for the next location for your retail shop, planning to relocate your business and not sure about neighborhoods… or just planning your next move in general.

Reminds me a little bit of a program called Claritis from Neilson that I learned about in the late 90’s. You can look at a variety of factors of a geographic area… and then look at the psycho-graphics.

I like how easy it is in Zip Tapestry to enlarge the map, set it to one of the parameters like average income… then just mouse around to find out the various zip codes… You can see the screen cap of Franklin TN outside of Nashville in the photo.

Switch it to average age to find the pockets of the age group that is most likely to use your products and services.

Click on the Tapestry tab to see the phrase that describes a percent of the population. Then click the arrow to learn the definition of there phrase. It’s a quick way to get direction on geographic areas.

Hat tip: LifeHacker

Rebranding: When It’s Time to Change Your Brand’s Name

rebranding the redskinsThere may be several reasons why a company, a team or an organization may be considering changing their brand name.

As time goes on, more and more derogatory terms used as sports team  mascots are being recognized as disrespectful and even banned. Last month Etsy announced that it will ban any redskin branded items from their site.

When the terrorist group used the same name as a mobile wallet, the company decided it time to rebrand.

And years ago a candy diet aid rebranded after the epidemic  with the same name was in the news.

Figuring out the best new name takes time and effort. Brainstorming. Lists with pros and cons. Double checking what’s available. What can be copyrighted? What doesn’t work when shortened to a nickname.

While it is nice to get buy-in from the stakeholders, but often it takes a while before the fans are ready to accept a new mascot name.

After the decision is made, implementation involves working the checklist.

Hopefully the name that is selected is far superior to the one that you let go… and the new name doesn’t cause additional problems beyond the initial change.

Special thanks to my friend and professional cartoonist Richard Marcej.

Improving Your Marketing Results with Press Releases

The press release has been around “forever” but continues to be one of the best ways to help people find you when they are looking for your type of products or services. There are lots of benefits of using Press Releases:

  • They are inexpensive, you pay for the writing and the distribution which is generally many times less than the production and distribution of an advertisement.
  • A press release has more credibility than an ad.
  • Filled with copy, it is easier to search and find that a photo on the internet.
  • But press releases do not have to go “image-less.” Photos with captions can enhance the basic press release.
  • Press releases are longer lasting than an ad.
  • You control the content of your press release (maybe not the story that gets written from the release, but at least the facts are correct before someone gets a chance to begin writing.)
  • Getting the Who, What, When, Where and Why right helps readers to continue to read.
  • There are hundreds of topics to write a press release about – Here’s a weekly email to help you figure out 89 of them for your business.
  • They keep something NEW on your website… which otherwise can get old and static quickly!