Use Mobile Search Optimization Best Practices in Your Titles

If no one has heard of you, using your brand name in the title is just a waste of characters!

If you are trying to brand and market your company going into 2015 you are probably concerned with getting found on the search engines from a smart phone.

Search engine optimization for mobile is similar to getting found on other browsers as well. Strong SEO in the title is your first step.

Length of title makes a difference in the search engines. Aim for about 60 or 65 characters with your keyword phrase near the front of the title.

Be careful to leave out the non-search terms. There are several common words that are a waste of characters. You’ve seen them used all over a website: about, welcome, home, menu and so on. These words show up in so many titles but no one searches for them! Just for laughs, type one of these into your search box and see how many results come up. Yikes!!

Only optimize one keyword phrase per article or post. Trying to have posts do double duty only weakens the effectiveness.

Mobile Search Optimization Best Practices for Branding

If your brand name is a search term, include it… but if no one has heard of you, it’s a waste of characters. Use what people will be searching for! Just adding your company name or brand name into your title will not make people search for the term.

Mobile screens are smaller, so you’ll want to use shorter keyword phrases if possible.

Beyond the title, the content makes the difference and having strong unique content of at least 300 words is critical. Interviewing experts and transcribing the interview makes for great content. This will help you to build credibility and create a platform for your brand as well.

Look into other SEO best practices before finalizing the optimization of your post or article.

Smart phones have surpassed traditional search so it is time for developing a plan for your mobile search program.

Using New Technology to Market Your Brand

Hammacher Schlemmer is using some new technology to bring attention to their brand. They’ve added “augmented reality” or AR to their most recent catalog.

They are a company that is known for being first. Their first catalog was printed back in 1848. They’re also know for having the longest running catalog.

The purpose is to get the products to leap off the page in 3D. You can read more about it here or watch the video:

If you get one of the catalogs, let me know what you think of it!

The Secret of Creating a Great Brand Name

a great brand name has these qualitiesAlthough this was written for  creating a strong brand name for a new drug, the premise is true for any new great brand name:

A great drug name needs to be memorable. It needs to be easy to say. It needs to be easy to write and understand. And it also needs to be clear of any existing names that may be on the registers.

A tall order if you’re coming up with a new name. First you brainstorm names. And even bits of names. Combining things and separating things. Lists and more lists.

Check the trademark office. And the availability of the domain.

Then running it by people (potential target markets are a good idea… your spouse, not so much… unless of course, they are the target market.)

Don’t invest in a logo or graphics until the full legal work is done. Be sure to run it by the most influential people on your board of directors/investor’s group. Nothing worse then getting all the way down the road and finding that it doesn’t resonate with a key individual.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship with the #Girlpower Pitch

I am looking forward to judging the #GIRLPOWER PITCH at the Blackstone LaunchPad Kent State University on Wednesday, November 12, at the Kent State University Student Center in Kent, Ohio.

During this competition a group of female Kent State students will pitch their businesses to see who will advance to a regional level competition. Based on their business pitches, two women will be chosen by the judges to move on to compete in the next level of business ventures pitch for the chance to win $200, $300, or $500 at the November 19th business pitch competition in Cleveland.

Letting Your Inner #GIRLBOSS shine!

All the CEO Ladies

Blackstone LaunchPad at Kent State University promotes entrepreneurship as a viable career path. Through meetings, mentoring, workshops and events LaunchPad helps Kent State students, faculty/staff and alumni to create new businesses or grow existing start-ups in Northeast Ohio.

Have questions about #GIRLPOWER PITCH? Contact Blackstone LaunchPad Kent State University