What’s the Difference Between Branding and Marketing?

In talking with a business owner the other day, the question came up: “What’s the difference between branding and marketing?”

In my opinion the two concepts are intertwined and dependent on each other.

Branding and marketing are very connected. If you would like some services and help with marketing then you can use useful companies such as saas marketing. It’s difficult to market a brand that doesn’t fulfill the positioning. And to brand a company with supporting the branding with marketing provides no action.

Positioning can be thought of as the brand promise. It’s the expectation of fulfillment by the target market. Does the company/product meet expectations?

Marketing can be many things, but tactics are usually the most pervasive part of marketing. Communication. Promotion. Advertising. Public Relations.What is the difference between Branding and Marketing

Difference between Branding and Marketing

Here are some ways to look at the differences:

  • Branding gives the positioning. Marketing provides the efforts.
  • Branding is the foundation and should precede any marketing efforts.
  • Brand is how people perceive and feel about your company/product. Marketing is focused on identifying, educating, attracting and persuading.

Brand promise. Marketing tactics.

I think that these two short phrases really oversimplifies it! However if someone is just getting started with their marketing program, keeping it simple can help!

It’s easy to get carried away with explanations, detail and examples… going too deep down the whole Marketing/Branding rabbit hole can make a business owners eyes gloss over. Especially when they are just wondering, so how does this help me improve sales? If you want some more perspective on how to anchor your brand and marketing together with your SEO campaign try a top-ranked Los Angeles SEO company. They are the experts!

Can you quickly down your company’s brand promise and list your top 5 marketing tactics?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.