Why Content Marketing is So Important to Your 2017 Online Visibility

  • Everyone knows that content marketing is important. It seems everywhere I look there is lots of discussion about it. Content marketing provides a number of things to your company’s visibility on the internet. It helps
  • to establish credibility
  • to get noticed
  • to help attract the search engine results
  • to present your marketing message in a way that is helpful to your potential clients and customers.

Not sure what is content marketing? Let’s break it down simply first:

Content – articles, stories, tweets, headlines, information, photos, videos – all focused on a specific topic of interest to a company’s intended target audience. (My favorite for B-B marketing are case studies and white papers talking about positive solutions to problems. My least favorite – when people forget and post something political.)

Marketing – the effort to attract the target audience… as well as inform, influence and persuade the audience to feel, think and do. (Take action- call, email or click.)

Everyone has an opinion it seems, but here are some links to thought leaders in the content marketing space:

Joe Pulizzi, a key leader of the content marketing movement and founder of  the Content Marketing institute has an awesome blog all about Content Marketing.

Mack Collier, content marketing innovator and Social Media consultant offers solid advice for marketers and companies working on their messaging strategy. (Thanks Mack for your recent email reminding me again not to post anything political in my social media feed because I’ll make 75% of the audience mad at me. It is a good reminder!!)

JHB from the UK offers this cool infographic cocktail recipe for Content Marketing:
Other thoughts on the subject:
Tips for a Rock solid Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Trends for 2017
Why 2017 is the year of Content Marketing?

Stay tuned – I’m working on the next article about the content marketing editorial calendar. Got a tip or tool? Send it to me and maybe I’ll feature it in the article!

Goodbye 2016 – Welcome 2017

Happy New Year to all.

Today is my first day back into the office since the holidays and I’m getting organized.  I’ve been reviewing my marketing action plans – not so much for my clients – but instead for my own business.

It’s easy to forget about marketing my consulting business when I’m focused on doing the marketing and branding work for the clients.

Each quarter has 3 months, so I’m planning to do one of each of these in each of the quarters:

  • Press release
  • Speaking engagement
  • Workshop

On Friday, I am speaking in Akron about my experiences in writing and publishing my book: Simple Steps, Big Results. I really have not done a lot to promote the book since it was first published because about that same time there were a lot of changes in my business. Perhaps that will change in 2017!

Even after 19 years of business, I still find it the most difficult to promote my company, my services and myself.

I find it much easier to focus on a client;s business!

At the end of 2016, I made it a habit to attend one networking event each week and talk with someone I don’t know.  While I’m not an introvert, I find it much harder to talk with people I don’t really know. There is such a familiarity in sitting near someone you know and having a conversation with them.  Getting out of my comfort zone is a key to growth.

I want to continue that into the new year.

As we usher in 2017, here are a couple of links that I have found interesting and helpful.  I imagine my branding and marketing friends will also enjoy these:

How to make sure that your business shows up on the GPS maps: From INC magazine, written by Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends.  Colors in Marketing: Also from Small Business Trends.

What are you reading that has helped with your marketing? What are you working on in 2017? Are you working on a new action plan for your branding and marketing?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Go Responsive…NOW!

Go Responsive with Website LayoutsI know that already you know. It’s important to go responsive.

You’ve heard the word “Responsive” used and you know it’s important… but what is it really? Responsive is referring to a website design that responds to the device that is viewing it.

So the website will look different on the big screen of a desktop compared to a little screen of an iPhone…. and everything in between. Is your website responsive? Not sure? Click here or here to test it.

Mobile is the way to go. More and more, people are using their phones to check a website.  And desktop viewing is in a downward trend for searching, online buying and engagement.

New Reason to Go Responsive with Rules for Search Results

Now Google has announced that they will have two different indexes of search results. One for mobile. One for desktop.

Timeframe: “within months.” Maybe that means early 2017, but it could be any time actually.

Mashable considers this revision one of Google’s biggest changes to search.

The MOBILE search index will become the primary index. It will be updated more frequently. And if I am interpreting their announcement correctly, responsive sites will be the only sites that will be shown in search results on mobile phones.

While most companies are updating their websites, if you haven’t revised your company’s website to be mobile friendly yet, you may find a sudden drop in traffic… within months.

You may have just a “few”?? months to get your website switched over to become responsive! I think they were being vague on purpose and it sounds like a threat.  I know I’m going to make sure that we go through our client list and send them an email so they know what’s coming down the road.

I’ll write more on this info as it becomes available.

The OTHER Chris Brown

This is me, the REAL Chris Brown, marketing professional

With a name like Chris Brown, I have my marketing work cut out for me.

Do you have any challenges getting your name found on the internet?

I know I do. Today, I’m working on updating my blog and scripting the video for one of my workshops. In the midst of doing this, I needed to Google my name in conjunction with a project I did a long time ago.

During the moment I was working on this, I had {momentarily} forgotten about that “other Ch__ Br__” that the media loves to cover.

He was there. In fact, he was everywhere.

Today the first page of Google results covers everything from his Halloween costume to his last song release. Not what I was hoping for to say the least.

A big sigh from this marketing professional named Chris Brown. :-O

I know that there are thousands of us out there. One plays football. Another sells houses in the town where I live. Even my first job out of college, one worked in the shipping department and was paged at least 3 times a day.

When the internet really took off in the early 2000’s I was fortunate to have started this blog and become tech savvy. Otherwise, I’d really be tough to be found in the sea of “Chris Brown’s.

I can never let my SEO start slipping. Otherwise a potential contact, client, supplier or anyone looking for me by searching the cyberspace comes up with “him” and not me.

Using the phrases Chris Brown Marketing or Marketing Chris Brown does seem to help. Thank goodness that Chris Brown Marketing Consultant works, even though the results are full of competitor ads.

Don’t think I really want to start going by Christine Brown at this stage of my career… or reverting to my maiden name. But it can be discouraging to see how many results come to the wrong Chris Brown!!

What are your personal challenges for getting found on the internet? Are you keeping up with your SEO challenges?  Leave a message below.