Measurement in Marketing Helps Improve Efforts

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “What gets Measured, gets _____.”

Managed is the word that comes to mind.

However I want to exchange the word with Improved. It only makes sense if you want to do better on something, you pay attention to it and check the impact that changes have on it.

What do you currently measure?

Time practicing? Finances? Fitness? Video game times? Skiing? Golf game scores? Whatever it is you’re passionate about and trying to improve, one critical element is measurement. It’s the same with marketing.

Here are some of the measures I use for measuring website or blog effectiveness:

Google analytics: measures a number of viewers, page views, time on site, location, entry and exit page, goal conversion (did you click on contact & receive a thank you page?).

Quantcast: demographics of readers including gender, age, children per household, education status, income levels and other characteristics — (Don’t worry, it’s in the aggregate, not by individual!!)

Sitemeter: I know that Google Analytics really does the same thing, but I really like the way they serve up “search words”.

Feedburner: Besides letting you measure blog feed information, Feedburner also helps you to build awareness of your blog using headline generators. I like the email subscription tool. The troubleshooting section can be helpful too.

Mail Chimp and Constant Contact reports: email opens. Link click thru rates.

What tools do you use to measure your online marketing? Do you use a company like to help you with your online marketing structure?

Please leave a comment below with the tool you use and how you use it. Thanks!

Recommending My Blog on LinkedIn

I just updated my LinkedIn profile this morning. After 5 years and nearly 10,000 subscribers I figured that it is about time to list Branding & Marketing Publisher as one of my current jobs on LinkedIn.

Because I think LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get found by business professionals and that I know people are looking for on line publications — even those written by bloggers — I wanted to make sure people could find Branding & Marketing on LinkedIn.

So now I’m going to ask a favor.

As a way of helping me out, would you mind recommending my work on this blog? All I need is about 10 words. Just go to my LinkedIn account and do a recommendation under my Branding and Marketing job. This is how it looks:

When you go to my profile, there should be a little line underneath this block of copy that says:

Recommend Christine (Chris)’s work at Branding & Marketing.

If you are so inclined, just click that link and leave a few words. Thanks!

How to Use QR Codes to Market your Brand at a Trade Show

Using QR codes at a trade showby Eggland's Best

I went to the the FitBloggin’ conference in Baltimore and noticed how EggLand’s Best trade show booth used QR codes to connect with the attendees.

This trade show is filled with bloggers who write about healthy food and fitness.  So they are dying to connect with this audience.

The attendees can use their smart phone, click on the QR code and it takes them to:

  1. Facebook
  2. Newsletter
  3. Nutrition info
  4. Website

There they can connect with the brand.

Looking at this photo, do you see how your company could use the QR codes to market your brand?  Are you trying to get newsletter subscriptions? Facebook page fans? 

Have you used a QR Code or a Microsoft Tag to connect your brand to your consumers? Leave a comment below and explain how you used it.

PodCampCleveland Set for April 30 2011 Learn, Share, Practice

I'm speaking at podcamp cleveland 2011 badge

If you’ve never been to a PodCamp before you may be surprised by all the great information, helpful people and new ideas. It’s an unconference, meaning: free and where everyone is a ROCKSTAR.

If you’ve ever wanted to start an internet radio show, put up a blog or learn how to Twitter/Tweet, you’ll learn a ton at PodCamp!

If you’re anywhere near the Cleveland, Akron, Canton area on April 30th, consider attending PodCampCleveland from 8:30 to 5 at CVCC – Cuyahoga Valley Career Center at 8001 Brecksville Road on Route 21 in Brecksville, Ohio.

I’ll be one of the many presenters at the second annual Cleveland Pod Camp, presenting about “25 Ways to Brand and Market Your Business with a WordPress Blog.”

More information and registration at

How Do You Stay Current with Your Marketing Techniques?

Yesterday I spoke to an Entrepreneur class at Kent State University about how I started my own business. It was a big class with 98 students. It is encouraging to me that more and more students are interested in entrepreneurship and that KSU is now offering both a minor and a major in the subject.

After answering a question about online marketing, one of the students asked me, “How did you learn all this?”

I had to stop and smile.

Constant learning is something that many students haven’t grasped yet. Just getting a degree is only one step in the journey.

My answer:

“I hang out with people who are constantly learning and trying new things. I try to attend bloggers conferences, podcamps and meet monthly with the Akron Bloggers Community where we discuss everything from mobile tags to the best interfaces for your merchant account to download information products. ”

I’d thought I’d take a minute to share some great information tools from some of those conferences:

FitBloggin’10 — May in Baltimore, great sponsors, great speakers. This link goes to the videos from each of the sessions. I’m going again this year. Great conference. Settle in for 5 hours of how to videos:

  • How to Pitch to the Traditional Media
  • Making Money From Your Blog
  • Using Social Media to Reach Goals: The Power of an Online Community
  • Beyond the Blog- Getting Published
  • WordPress from .com to Self Hosted

PodCampCleveland: Last year was the first year, 2011 session is April 30th at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center from 8 am -5 pm. Should be awesome. Here’s the link to my presentation called Out of the Blog Fog: Intro to Blogging. It’s got my audio and slides so almost as good as a video.

PodCamp Pittsburgh: P’burg was one of the first cities with Podcamp and celebrated it’s 5th session this year. Here’s the link to my Pittsburgh PodCamp post about it earlier this year.

PodCamps are not just about podcasting, but social media, blogging, how to use Google AdWords, Google Places, and just about any online marketing you can think of, and if you can’t think of many other strategies for online marketing, you might also be wanting to look into other helpful resources like this page that looks into what is online marketing and goes in-depth at how to better compete against other companies or websites while marketing online. So, perhaps you’re interested in owning and operating a radio show? Come to podcamp. Just Google it. I bet there’s a PodCamp in a city near you. And if not, come to Cleveland’s PodCamp on April 30th! You’ll be glad you did.

How do YOU stay current? Please share links. Use your real name and email so I know I can approve any comments that get blocked. Thanks!